It Should Never Get Old

It was the last note that her son ever wrote to her. He had been fighting in the war for almost two years, but she had not heard from him since he was deployed. Finally, a short note: “I want you to know that I love you! I would do anything for you! Can’t wait to see you!” Two weeks after receiving that note, there was a knock at her door. “Your son has been killed in battle,” was all she heard. She went to her room and found the note he had written. She laid it on the kitchen counter, where it remained for the rest of her days. She read it every day, and it meant just as much to her fourteen years later when she died, as it did the first time she ever read it.

Does the Bible ever “get old” to you? When you pick up to read it, do you ever lose interest? Folks, our God sent us that loving message after His Son died for us on the cross. He loves us, would do anything for us, and He can’t wait to see us! That should never “get old!” Rather, it should mean just as much to us today in our daily readings, as it did the first time we ever read it! It is His final word to us! Let us treasure it, read it, follow it and share it!

David Sproule



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